Nathan Seskin

About Nathan Seskin
Nathan Seskin is an avid tennis fan and player. Tennis is the perfect recreational activity, because it combines rigorous exercise with fun and competition, and Nathan strives to be on the court at least five times a week. If you read a few articles about the state of tennis in the Unites States, you will hear many laments over the decrease in popularity of the sport in recent years, and the dwindling number of elite American tennis players. While it’s true that tennis fans will miss Andy Roddick, and that American male players are moving to the late rounds of the major tournaments with less regularity, this situation does not need to be viewed with irritation or distress, but rather can be approached by fans with anticipation and excitement for a new generation of players to watch and root for. There are also, of course, still the dominant Serena Williams and Venus Williams on the women’s side, as exciting to watch as the superstars from any other country – male or female. So while the popularity of tennis may be experiencing a bit of a lull, true fan still have plenty to root for, with exciting prospects for the future, and with the game expanding even more around the globe.

More About Nathan Seskin

Professionally, Nathan Seskin is the manager of Recycling Revolution, a company that purchases and processes plastic scrap. It has been in operation since 1987, and has grown into an international company, buying from and shipping to markets all over the world and in the United States. Recycling Revolution is based in Boca Raton, FL, and operates plants in Highland Park, MI and Unadilla, GA.

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