With the Shanghai Masters concluding last week, Djokovic fans are delighted with his Novak Djokovicfantastic victory against Tsonga as he swept the Asian swing for a third time with titles in Beijing and Shanghai.  This was also his fifth Masters title of the year, making Djokovic only the second man to achieve this since Nadal in 2013.  With his win, Djokovic set an absolute ranking point record with 16785 ATP points and a new record lead over the second-ranked player of 8035 points.  There is of course another Masters left in Paris, and if Djokovic is able to clinch it then it could turn into the greatest tennis season ever played.

When playing against Tsonga, Djokovic had a dominant return game, allowing Tsonga just 4/25 on second serve points.  Yet the key to his dominance was the pressure that he could keep putting onto Tsonga.  Ultimately, Djokovic’s skill doesn’t come from blasting opponents off the court, but rather from the subtle ways that he dominates.  He’s able to neutralize lethal weapons with immense returning, depth of shot and defense.  Never still for a moment, Djokovic is always tweaking and evolving his game.  He’s so dominant that it’s more about how many games that players can win instead of sets or matches.

In the end of this Masters, Tsonga was unable to match the number of games he won against Djokovic, who goes to 25 Masters titles, compared with Federer’s 24 and Nadal’s 27.  Yet it’s how long Djokovic can keep up this winning streak remains to be seen.

What’s amazing about Djokovic is that he’s been able to make a name for himself, even with such prominent contemporaries as Federer and Nadal to compete against.  This would intimidate a lot of professional tennis players, but Djokovic has been able to keep evolving and persevering until he was able to go toe-to-toe with them and even beat them.  He’s been able to combine the strengths of these two giants and create his own unique style, and Djokovic seems poised to make tennis history; he’s now on an 18-match winning streak, and could possibly get the longest winning streak of all time.  It will be interesting to see how he does in Paris next week.

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