The US Open, maybe the most exciting event of the year for tennis fans, is just around the corner. And if the event itself is not enough to get people excited, there is a major story within the tournament this time around – Serena Williams is looking to complete the first Grand Slam since 1988 when Steffi Graf won all four Major tournaments. Serena has won the Australian Open, the French Open, and Wimbledon so far this year, and is looking to round out the major tournaments with a win at the US Open this September. It’s worth mentioning that Serena Williams has won 3 of the 4 Grand Slams in a previous year, 2002, losing only the Australian Open. Unsurprisingly, Williams is seeded No.1. Each of the previous three times she’s been the first seed she’s won the tournament, so in that respect her history at the US Open is in her favor.

Serena Williams is truly and without a shadow of a doubt the most dominant female player of the generation. She has won a total of, count them, 21 grand Slam singles titles. The only two players in history with more are Steffi Graf with 22 and Margaret Court with 24, both of whom completed the Grand Slam in one year of their careers. It’s likely that Serena will, ultimately, win 3 or 4 more titles, so she has a very real chance of, by the time she’s ready to hang up her racket, winning more Grand Slams than an any player ever – including men, incidentally. Roger Federer is the winningest male player with 17 titles.

Domination of this sort, in any sport, doesn’t come around that often, so it’s a privilege to be able to watch it. I suspect this year’s Open, with the Grand Slam on the line, will have a lot of people watching excitedly.

Above, see a video of Serena Williams winning the 2015 Australian Open.